Department of Energy Idaho Operations Office
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) allows you to obtain information from various agencies of the Federal government including the current Department of Energy Idaho Operations Office (DOE-ID) and its operating contractors, as well as predecessor organizations. The Privacy Act (PA) is a companion to the FOIA. The PA allows individuals to seek access to Federal agency records about themselves. To assist obtaining publicly available information, we suggest you first conduct a search on the specific topic or information you are seeking using the SEARCH function on the DOE-ID Home Page or the following options below: If you determine the document may be located at another DOE location, you may contact them directly using the FOIA Requester Service Centers and FOIA Public Liaisons list . This list provides FOIA Web Page addresses for each location from which Public Reading Facility and DOE FOIA Public Liaison contact information can be obtained. Follow the "More" link for information about the intent and purpose of this page. If the information is not available here, you may then submit a Freedom of Information Act request electronically. When making a FOIA or Privacy Act request, please do not include date of birth or social security number.  


DOE-ID FOIA Contact: Anna Christensen



Last Updated 03/02/2023