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ID@Work is a video feature that introduces DOE-ID employees and the jobs they perform. These videos are created in Windows Media Video (wmv) format and have no scripts are available.


2013, January Morris Hall is the Radiological Controls Manager for the Idaho Operations Office 2 minutes, (18 MB)
2012, December Mark Arenaz, Director of ID's Office of Project Management Support 2 minutes, (14 MB)
2012, January Carol Henning, Safety Team Lead for Quality and Safety Division 2 minutes, (13 MB)
2011, April James Malmo, Assistant Manager for Waste Disposition 2 minutes, (13 MB)
2009, October Charlie Maggart, Facility Engineer, Advanced Test Reactor 1.3 minutes, (5 MB)
2009, August Jeff Shadley, Engineer, Overseer of the SMC Program 1.4 minutes, (5.7 MB)
2009, August Melissa Bates, Engineer, Monitor of the Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative AFC R&D Separations 2 minutes, (6.1 MB)
2008, December Randy Hulkovich, Chemistry Technician at the Radiological and Environmental Sciences Laboratory 1.4 minutes, (11.2MB)
2008, June John Martin Facility Representative at MFC 1.3 minutes, (3.3MB)
2008, April
Brad Bugger, ID Public Affairs Officer, explaining what his office does 1.4 minutes, (3.5MB)



Last Updated: 02/26/2015

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