DOE-Idaho Operations Summary

DOE-ID Bi-Weekly Summary
For the Period Oct. 2 to Oct. 22, 2012

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is a regular summary of operations at DOE's Idaho Site. It has been compiled in response to a request from stakeholders for more information on health, safety and environmental incidents at DOE facilities in Idaho. It also includes a brief summary of accomplishments at the laboratory. The report is broken down by contractor: Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project (AMWTP), Idaho Cleanup Project (ICP) and Idaho National Laboratory (INL). This summary will be sent to everyone on INL's regular news release distribution list every other week. To be added to this distribution list, please call Brad Bugger at (208) 526-0833.

Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project

Nothing to report. 

Operational Summary

Waste Shipments:   Eight of eight planned shipments of contact-handled transuranic waste and one of one shipment of remote-handled transuranic waste from Idaho to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico were made for the week ending Oct. 13, 2012. Eight shipments of contact-handled transuranic waste and two shipments of remote-handled transuranic waste were scheduled for the week ending Oct. 20, 2012.    

Idaho Cleanup Project

Nothing to report.

Operational Summary

Decontamination and Demolition Officially Complete: On September 28, 2012, Deputy Secretary Daniel Poneman approved Critical Decision 4 for PBS-40B.C1, Nuclear Facility Decontamination & Demolition (D&D).  The project safely “D&Ded”  171 buildings and structures at DOE’s Idaho Site.  The project completed $796 million of work for $356 million and was completed over four years ahead of schedule.    

Idaho National Laboratory

Oct. 9: A process operator began to feel ill while performing  routine duties at the Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) Complex.  He contacted his shift supervisor, who called for medical assistance.  The operator was transported to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center for evaluation and treatment. (NE-ID—BEA-ATR-2012-0024).

 Oct. 11: Technicians discovered that the wrong valve had been locked and tagged out during repairs at the ATR Complex.  Work was stopped and the use of lockouts/tagouts was suspended. (NE-ID—BEA-ATR-2012-0025).

Operational Summary


The new analytical lab space at INL's Energy Systems Laboratory.

New Laboratory Space Occupied: Idaho National Laboratory's landscape is changing, again. A new facility is delivering more capabilities along Idaho Falls' University Boulevard to serve growing programs.

"The new Energy Systems Laboratory delivers a state-of-the-art facility that adds to the already highly competitive capabilities INL possesses in energy research and development," said Randall Bargelt, INL's acting director of Project Management. "Working with Ormond Builders, we were able to begin and deliver this 91,000-square-foot facility on time and within budget." 

On Oct. 12, INL began occupying the new building at 750 University Boulevard, which is referred to simply as ESL.


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