DOE-Idaho Operations Summary

DOE-ID Bi-Weekly Summary
For the Period December 1 to December 20, 2010

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a regular summary of operations at DOE’s Idaho Site. It has been compiled in response to a request from stakeholders for more information on health, safety and environmental incidents at DOE facilities in Idaho. It also includes a brief summary of accomplishments at the laboratory. The report is broken down by contractor: Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project (AMWTP), Idaho Cleanup Project (ICP) and Idaho National Laboratory (INL). This summary will be sent to everyone on INL’s regular news release distribution list every other week. To be added to this distribution list, please call Brad Bugger at (208) 526-0833.

Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project

Dec. 13: An Advanced Waste Treatment Facility employee failed to obtain independent verficiation of data entered into the facility’s computerized Fissile Material Tracking System. The error did not cause a reduction in the margin of safety of any of the facility’s Mass Control Areas. Operations were placed on hold for an investigation, the procedure was clarified and operations resumed. (EM-ID—BBWI-AMWTF-2010-0026).     

Operational Summary

Waste Shipments: Through Dec. 11, 2010, a total of 34,545 cubic meters of contact-handled transuranic waste, 96.37 cubic meters of remote-handled transuranic waste, and 3,744 cubic meters of previously-buried transuranic waste have been shipped from Idaho to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico for disposal.   

Idaho Cleanup Project

Dec. 14: Lock-out, tag-out procedures were violated during maintenance work on a diesel-operated fire pump at the Radioactive Waste Management Complex. After discovery of the procedural violation, the appropriate lock-out procedure was followed, the work was completed and an investigation was initiated. (EM-ID—CWI-RWMC-2010-0010).

Operational Summary

Waste Exhumation: Progress continues on the construction of two Accelerated Retrieval Project (ARP) facilities located at the Subsurface Disposal Area. At ARP-VI (Pit 4 West), air mover, propane and electrical installations continue. At ARP-VII (Pit 10 West), steel is being assembled and trusses are being erected on the retrieval enclosure. The airlock structure is complete and the outer fabric installation has started. 

Idaho National Laboratory

Nov. 15: A vendor trying to collect water samples at Idaho Research Center 603 was having a dDec. 1: The Utah Department of Environmental Quality notified the Idaho National Laboratory that it was using the wrong permit number for shipments of waste to the Energy Solutions disposal facility near Clive, Utah. All waste shipments to Energy Solutions were placed on hold while the INL procedure was revised to include the correct permit number. (NE-ID—BEA-INLPROGM-2010-0001).  

Operational Summary

INL: The First Five Years: Highlights of the Idaho National Laboratory’s first five years include nearly 900 new jobs, university collaborations, including the Center for Advanced Energy Studies; more than $50 million in laboratory investments; and business volume nearly doubling to $1 billion per year. Details can be found in the report, “INL—The First Five Years,” available on the INL web site ( 

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