Bottle Manikin Absorption (BOMAB) Calibration Phantoms

Bottle Manikin Absorption (BOMAB) Phantoms

The bottle manikin absorption (BOMAB) phantom consists of 10 high-density polyethylene containers that assemble to represent the ICRP 23 Reference Man human body. It has been used as a standard calibration geometry for over 25 years. The 0.2 to 0.5-mm-thick containers contain a semi-solid polyurethane tissue-substitute with radiation attenuation characteristics matching ICRU 44 average soft tissue. The solid tissue substitute has proven tissue-equivalence and none of the limitations found with water-filled BOMAB phantoms, such as radionuclide plate-out, the potential for leakage, biological growths, and shipment difficulties. The BOMAB polyethylene shells do not have the large variation in wall thickness that is found with Roto-molded bottle phantoms.

The BOMAB phantom is used primarily as a calibration standard for Reference Man measurements of homogeneously distributed radioactive materials that emit mid- and high-energy photons. Smaller sizes representing the Reference Female (ICRP 23) and a 4-yr old child are also available.

The tissue substitute used in the BOMAB phantom is a polyurethane-based filler. It has excellent handling characteristics and durability. The plastic matrix contains National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Standard Reference Materials (SRM) or NIST-traceable radioactive materials uniformly distributed throughout the polyurethane. Chemical additives are incorporated to provide the a 40K background in most of the phantoms and to duplicate the transmission characteristics of soft tissues. Specific material constituents and chemical compositions are provided for each phantom.

Table 1. Representative Dimensions of Reference Man BOMAB
Container Quantity Cross section Shape Cross section
Dimensions (cm)
1. Head 1 ellipsoid 19x14 20 3525
2. Neck 1 circular 13 dia 10 1030
3. Chest 1 ellipsoid 30x20 40 16970
4. Pelvis 1 ellipsoid 36x20 20 9990
5. Arms 2 circular 10 dia 60 3800 (2)
6. Thighs 2 circular 15 dia 40 6050 (2)
7. Calves 2 circular 12 dia 40 3745 (2)
Total 10     170 58,705

Table 2-nCi. BOMAB Phantom Details
Phantom ID# Radionuclide Calibration Date Activity (nCi)
± Uncertainty
RESL-101 152Eu

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