MAPEP Reports

The Mixed Analyte Performance Evaluation Program

Participating Laboratory Reports for PE Program are available in  AdobeĀ® PDF format for ease of viewing the document as well as the associated graphics. Older reports are available upon request. Email

MAPEP Study 32 Participating Laboratory Reports - March 2015
MAPEP -15 Series 32 Cover Page
MAPEP-15-GrF32 - Gross alpha/beta air filter
MAPEP-15-GrW32 - Gross alpha/beta water standard
MAPEP-15-MaS32 - Mixed Analyte Soil Standard
MAPEP-15-MaW32 - Mixed Analyte Water Standard
MAPEP-15-OrW32 - Semi-volatiles in Water Standard
MAPEP-15-OrS32 - Semi-volatiles in Soil Standard
MAPEP-15-RdF32 - Radiological Air Filter Standard
MAPEP-15-RdV32 - Radiological Vegetation Standard
MAPEP-15-SrF32 - Strontium 89/90 Air Filter Standard
MAPEP-15-XaW32 - Radiological I-129 Water Standard

MAPEP Study 31 Participating Laboratory Reports - August 2014
MAPEP-14-GrF31 - Gross alpha/beta air filter
MAPEP-14-GrW31 - Gross alpha/beta water standard
MAPEP-14-MaS31 - Mixed Analyte Soil Standard
MAPEP-14-MaW31 - Mixed Analyte Water Standard
MAPEP-14-OrW31 - Semi-volatiles in Water Standard
MAPEP-14-OrS31 - Semi-volatiles in Soil Standard
MAPEP-14-RdF31 - Radiological Air Filter Standard
MAPEP-14-RdV31 - Radiological Vegetation Standard
MAPEP-14-XaW131 - Radiological I-129 Water Standard

MAPEP Study 30 Participating Laboratory Reports - March 2014
MAPEP-14-GrF30 - Gross alpha/beta air filter
MAPEP-14-GrW30 - Gross alpha/beta water standard
MAPEP-14-MaS30 - Mixed Analyte Soil Standard
MAPEP-14-MaW30 - Mixed Analyte Water Standard
MAPEP-14-OrW30 - Semi-volatiles in Water Standard
MAPEP-14-OrS30 - Semi-volatiles in Soil Standard
MAPEP-14-RdF30 - Radiological Air Filter Standard
MAPEP-14-RdV30 - Radiological Vegetation Standard
MAPEP-14-XaW30 - Radiological I-129 Water Standard

MAPEP Study 29 Participating Laboratory Reports - August 2013
MAPEP-13-GrF29 - Gross alpha/beta air filter
MAPEP-13-GrW29 - Gross alpha/beta water standard
MAPEP-13-MaS29 - Mixed Analyte Soil Standard
MAPEP-13-MaW29 - Mixed Analyte Water Standard
MAPEP-13-OrW29 - Semi-volatiles in Water Standard
MAPEP-13-OrS29 - Semi-volatiles in Soil Standard
MAPEP-13-RdF29 - Radiological Air Filter Standard
MAPEP-13-RdV29 - Radiological Vegetation Standard
MAPEP-13-XaW29 - Radiological I-129 Water Standard

MAPEP Study 28 Participating Laboratory Reports - March 2013
MAPEP-13-GrF28 - Gross alpha/beta air filter
MAPEP-13-GrW28 - Gross alpha/beta water standard
MAPEP-13-MaS28 - Mixed Analyte Soil Standard
MAPEP-13-MaW28 - Mixed Analyte Water Standard
MAPEP-13-OrW28 - Semi-volatiles in Water Standard
MAPEP-13-OrS28 - Semi-volatiles in Soil Standard
MAPEP-13-RdF28 - Radiological Air Filter Standard
MAPEP-13-RdV28 - Radiological Vegetation Standard
MAPEP-13-XaW28 - Radiological I-129 Water Standard

MAPEP Study 27 Participating Laboratory Reports - August 2012
MAPEP-12-GrF27 - Gross alpha/beta air filter
MAPEP-12-GrW27 - Gross alpha/beta water standard
MAPEP-12-MaS27 - Mixed Analyte Soil Standard
MAPEP-12-MaW27 - Mixed Analyte Water Standard
MAPEP-12-OrW27 - Semi-volatiles in Water Standard
MAPEP-12-OrS27 - Semi-volatiles in Soil Standard
MAPEP-12-RdF27 - Radiological Air Filter Standard
MAPEP-12-RdV27 - Radiological Vegetation Standard
MAPEP-12-XaW27 - Radiological I-129 Water Standard

MAPEP Study 26 Participating Laboratory Reports - March 2012
Due to extenuating circumstances, DOE will not be publicly posting the results of the
MAPEP Series 26 evaluations. The Agency will consider release on a case-by-case basis.
If you would like access to this information, please Email Include in
your request your name, organizational affiliation (if any), address, as well as the reason
behind the request. After receiving this information, the Agency will determine whether
release is appropriate. We apologize for the inconvenience and do not expect this constraint
to apply to future MAPEP series results.

MAPEP Study 25 Participating Laboratory Reports - September 2011
MAPEP-11-GrF25 - Gross alpha/beta air filter
MAPEP-11-GrW25 - Gross alpha/beta water standard
MAPEP-11-MaS25 - Mixed Analyte Soil Standard
MAPEP-11-MaW25 - Mixed Analyte Water Standard
MAPEP-11-OrW25 - Semi-volatiles in Water Standard
MAPEP-11-OrS25 - Semi-volatiles in Soil Standard
MAPEP-11-RdF25 - Radiological Air Filter Standard
MAPEP-11-RdV25 - Radiological Vegetation Standard
MAPEP-11-XaW25 - Radiological I-129 Water Standard

Reports from MAPEP Studies are available upon request.