MAPEP Reports

The Mixed Analyte Performance Evaluation Program

Participating Laboratory Reports for PE Program are available in  AdobeĀ® PDF format for ease of viewing the document as well as the associated graphics. Older reports are available upon request. Email

MAPEP Study 33 Participating Laboratory Reports - August 2015
MAPEP -15 Series 33 Cover Page
MAPEP-15-GrF33 - Gross alpha/beta air filter
MAPEP-15-GrW33 - Gross alpha/beta water standard
MAPEP-15-MaS33 - Mixed Analyte Soil Standard
MAPEP-15-MaW33 - Mixed Analyte Water Standard
MAPEP-15-OrW33 - Semi-volatiles in Water Standard
MAPEP-15-OrS33 - Semi-volatiles in Soil Standard
MAPEP-15-RdF33 - Radiological Air Filter Standard
MAPEP-15-RdV33 - Radiological Vegetation Standard
MAPEP-15-SrF33 - Strontium 89/90 Air Filter Standard
MAPEP-15-XaW33 - Radiological I-129 Water Standard
MAPEP-15-XrM33 - Special Radiological Matrix

MAPEP Study 32 Participating Laboratory Reports - March 2015
MAPEP -15 Series 32 Cover Page
MAPEP-15-GrF32 - Gross alpha/beta air filter
MAPEP-15-GrW32 - Gross alpha/beta water standard
MAPEP-15-MaS32 - Mixed Analyte Soil Standard
MAPEP-15-MaW32 - Mixed Analyte Water Standard
MAPEP-15-OrW32 - Semi-volatiles in Water Standard
MAPEP-15-OrS32 - Semi-volatiles in Soil Standard
MAPEP-15-RdF32 - Radiological Air Filter Standard
MAPEP-15-RdV32 - Radiological Vegetation Standard
MAPEP-15-SrF32 - Strontium 89/90 Air Filter Standard
MAPEP-15-XaW32 - Radiological I-129 Water Standard

MAPEP Study 31 Participating Laboratory Reports - August 2014
MAPEP-14-GrF31 - Gross alpha/beta air filter
MAPEP-14-GrW31 - Gross alpha/beta water standard
MAPEP-14-MaS31 - Mixed Analyte Soil Standard
MAPEP-14-MaW31 - Mixed Analyte Water Standard
MAPEP-14-OrW31 - Semi-volatiles in Water Standard
MAPEP-14-OrS31 - Semi-volatiles in Soil Standard
MAPEP-14-RdF31 - Radiological Air Filter Standard
MAPEP-14-RdV31 - Radiological Vegetation Standard
MAPEP-14-XaW131 - Radiological I-129 Water Standard

MAPEP Study 30 Participating Laboratory Reports - March 2014
MAPEP-14-GrF30 - Gross alpha/beta air filter
MAPEP-14-GrW30 - Gross alpha/beta water standard
MAPEP-14-MaS30 - Mixed Analyte Soil Standard
MAPEP-14-MaW30 - Mixed Analyte Water Standard
MAPEP-14-OrW30 - Semi-volatiles in Water Standard
MAPEP-14-OrS30 - Semi-volatiles in Soil Standard
MAPEP-14-RdF30 - Radiological Air Filter Standard
MAPEP-14-RdV30 - Radiological Vegetation Standard
MAPEP-14-XaW30 - Radiological I-129 Water Standard

MAPEP Study 29 Participating Laboratory Reports - August 2013
MAPEP-13-GrF29 - Gross alpha/beta air filter
MAPEP-13-GrW29 - Gross alpha/beta water standard
MAPEP-13-MaS29 - Mixed Analyte Soil Standard
MAPEP-13-MaW29 - Mixed Analyte Water Standard
MAPEP-13-OrW29 - Semi-volatiles in Water Standard
MAPEP-13-OrS29 - Semi-volatiles in Soil Standard
MAPEP-13-RdF29 - Radiological Air Filter Standard
MAPEP-13-RdV29 - Radiological Vegetation Standard
MAPEP-13-XaW29 - Radiological I-129 Water Standard

MAPEP Study 28 Participating Laboratory Reports - March 2013
MAPEP-13-GrF28 - Gross alpha/beta air filter
MAPEP-13-GrW28 - Gross alpha/beta water standard
MAPEP-13-MaS28 - Mixed Analyte Soil Standard
MAPEP-13-MaW28 - Mixed Analyte Water Standard
MAPEP-13-OrW28 - Semi-volatiles in Water Standard
MAPEP-13-OrS28 - Semi-volatiles in Soil Standard
MAPEP-13-RdF28 - Radiological Air Filter Standard
MAPEP-13-RdV28 - Radiological Vegetation Standard
MAPEP-13-XaW28 - Radiological I-129 Water Standard

MAPEP Study 27 Participating Laboratory Reports - August 2012
MAPEP-12-GrF27 - Gross alpha/beta air filter
MAPEP-12-GrW27 - Gross alpha/beta water standard
MAPEP-12-MaS27 - Mixed Analyte Soil Standard
MAPEP-12-MaW27 - Mixed Analyte Water Standard
MAPEP-12-OrW27 - Semi-volatiles in Water Standard
MAPEP-12-OrS27 - Semi-volatiles in Soil Standard
MAPEP-12-RdF27 - Radiological Air Filter Standard
MAPEP-12-RdV27 - Radiological Vegetation Standard
MAPEP-12-XaW27 - Radiological I-129 Water Standard

Reports from MAPEP Studies are available upon request.