DOE-ID Mission and Vision


The Idaho Operations Office (DOE-ID)/INL mission is:
To develop and deliver cost-effective solutions to both fundamental and
advanced challenges in nuclear energy and other energy resources, national
security, and environmental management.

The Department's expectations of its operations offices and laboratories are: to advance the national, economic and energy security of the United States; to promote scientific and technological innovations in support of that mission; and to ensure the environmental cleanup of the DOE national nuclear weapons complex.

The specific focus of the Idaho Operations Office  mission is as follows:

Nuclear Energy and Other Energy Resources - Idaho Operations Office  and the INL will develop, demonstrate, enhance, and expand advanced nuclear energy technologies that will provide affordable, efficient, reliable, safe, and environmentally sound nuclear energy. To support Idaho Operations Office 's nuclear energy priorities, the INL will provide leadership, science, technology, and engineering demonstration support for advanced nuclear energy systems, including the production of hydrogen from nuclear systems. The INL will also participate in the development of other energy resources, and in the protection of our infrastructure. Specifically, the INL will assist in the development of new or enhanced sources of domestic energy that are environmentally friendly. These range from developing improved biomass energy resources to testing electric vehicles and batteries.

National Security - Idaho Operations Office  and the INL will become a leading science and technology provider in the area of nuclear nonproliferation, particularly leveraging the laboratory's role in developing next generation nuclear reactor and fuel cycle systems; become the leading center in the nation for developing science based technical solutions for protecting the nation's critical infrastructure; continue to support the U.S. Army in developing and manufacturing vehicle armor; and ensure the INL is a leading provider of applied solutions to satisfy program requirements for Defense and Intelligence Community clients.

Environmental Management - Idaho Operations Office  and the INL will accelerate cleanup of past contamination and manage waste that was left over from Cold War activities.

Corporate Management goals, objectives and strategies provide the focus for accomplishing the Idaho Operations Office  initiatives by improving management and accountability while ensuring the safety, security and health of the INL workforce and members of the public.

The Idaho Operations Office (DOE-ID)/INL vision is:
To be an enduring national resource known for excellence in operations and the timely delivery of solutions to nuclear energy and other energy resources, national security, and environmental management (EM) challenges.

The Idaho Operations Office  primary strategic goals are:

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