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 DOE-ID Press Releases and Video Clips

Press Releases
January - December 2011
12/22/11 Idaho site completes demolition of Cold War-era nuclear fuel reprocessing facility
12/21/11 DOE issues Finding of No Significant Impact on Environmental Assessment for Replacement Capability for Disposal of Remote-Handled Low Level Radioactive Waste Generated at Idaho Site
12/07/11 The New Radiological and Environmental Sciences Laboratory (RESL)
11/29/11 Energy Department Nuclear Systems Are Powering Mars Rover
11/15/11 Recovery Act Open House
11/08/11 MEDIA ADVISORY: DOE Open House to Focus on Programmatic Successes Achieved Under ARRA Funding
11/07/11 Idaho crews overcome challenges to safely remove and dispose of hot cell
09/20/11 The Department of Energy Announces Major Cold War Legacy Waste Cleanup Milestone
09/20/11 Idaho National Laboratory Annual Site Environmental Report Issued
09/07/11 CWI Completes Pit 9 Waste Exhumation
09/01/11 INL Comprehensive Land Use and Environmental Stewardship Report
08/25/11 RESL Ribbon Cutting
08/09/11 Department of Energy Announces $39 Million to Strengthen University-Led Nuclear Energy Research and Development
08/04/11 Department of Energy Relaunches Energy.Gov
08/02/11 GAO Protest to AMWTP Contract Withdrawn
06/29/11 Idaho Operations Office Names New Idaho Cleanup Project Manager
06/22/11 Department of Energy Projects Win 36 R&D 100 Awards for 2011
06/16/11 DOE�s Idaho Operations Office Issues 2011-Beyond Strategic Plan
05/27/11 DOE Chooses Idaho Treatment Group, LLC to Disposition Waste at the Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project
05/10/11 Department of Energy Releases 2011 Strategic Plan
05/09/11 DOE-ID Twitter Site
05/05/11 Draft Greater Than Class C EIS Public Hearings to Come to Pasco, WA and Portland, WA May 17th and 19th.
04/18/11 Dr. Peter B. Lyons Confirmed as Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy
04/06/11 Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project vs. Nuclear Power Plants Implications of Japanese earthquake and tsunami Adobe Acrobat File 50 KB
04/06/11 Frequently asked questions related to the March 11, 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami as applied to the U.S. Department of Energy�s Idaho siteAdobe Acrobat File 133 KB
03/16/11 ADVISORY: NNSA Releases Pictures, Video of Consequence Management Response Teams Deploying to Japan
03/09/11 INL Stand-Off Experiment Range will support critical national security missions
02/18/11 Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Disposal of Greater-Than-Class C Low-Level Radioactive Waste and GTCC-Like Waste
02/17/11 Department of Energy Establishes Asset Revitalization Task Force
02/14/11 President�s Energy Budget Invests in Innovation, Clean Energy, and National Security Priorities
02/03/11 Second site-wide five-year review of cleanup at DOE�s Idaho site completed; report now available online
02/02/11 DOE Energy Innovation Portal Connects Innovative Energy Technologies to the Marketplace
01/20/11 DOE Awards Environmental Services Contract to Gonzales-Stoller
01/19/11 Secretary Chu Announces New Efforts to Promote Clean Energy in Tribal Communities
01/10/11 CWI begins exhuming waste from Pit 9
01/07/11 DOE, State of Idaho Sign Agreement on Nuclear Research
Video Clips
January - December 2011
12/07/11 The New Radiological and Environmental Sciences Laboratory (RESL)  





















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