DOE-Idaho Operations Summary

DOE-ID Bi-Weekly Summary
For the Period Jan. 1, 2013 to Jan. 28, 2013

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is a regular summary of operations at DOE's Idaho Site. It has been compiled in response to a request from stakeholders for more information on health, safety and environmental incidents at DOE facilities in Idaho. It also includes a brief summary of accomplishments at the laboratory. The report is broken down by contractor: Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project (AMWTP), Idaho Cleanup Project (ICP) and Idaho National Laboratory (INL). This summary will be sent to everyone on INL's regular news release distribution list every other week. To be added to this distribution list, please call Brad Bugger at (208) 526-0833.

Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project

Jan. 1: A  technician who was performing corrective maintenance on the South Box Line at the Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Facility was observed to be standing on crane bridge rails about 30 feet above the floor without the approved fall protection plan in place. Management was notified, a fact finding was conducted and in-cell work that requires fall protection was suspended pending further investigation and implementation of corrective actions. (EM-ID—ITG-AMWTF-2013-0001).
Jan. 2: Management at the Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Facility placed a hold on all cell entries pending further evaluation of two events in which protective suits were involved. (A “cell” is a shielded facility where radioactive or hazardous materials can be safely worked with.)  In the first instance a damaged seam on a suit caused slight contamination on an employee’s inner Personal Protective Equipment.  In the second instance, an employee was involved in a work activity where he unknowingly rubbed against an abrasive surface, causing a small hole in the suit. Again, the employee’s inner Personal Protective Equipment was slightly contaminated. In each instance there was no contamination on the employee involved. Corrective actions were developed by management. (EM-ID—ITG-AMWTF-2013-0002). 

Operational Summary

Waste Shipments:   Four of six planned shipments of contact-handled transuranic waste and three of three planned shipments of remote-handled transuranic waste to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico were made for the week ending January 12, 2013.  The next shipments of transuranic waste to WIPP are scheduled for late February, when the facility restarts following a maintenance shut down.  

Idaho Cleanup Project

Nothing to report.

Operational Summary

Waste Retrieval Facility: The Accelerated Retrieval Project (ARP) VIII Project, which will be used for exhuming buried transuranic waste, is nearing completion.  The contractor  is conducting system walk-downs, and preparing to conduct System Operability Testing, which is expected to be complete by mid-February. 

Idaho National Laboratory

Jan. 15: An operator manually shut down the Advanced Test Reactor Critical Facility during start up when related instrumentation was not operating as designed. The instrumentation was repaired before the reactor was restarted. (NE-ID—BEA-ATR-2013-0001).
Jan. 15: The warning system at the Advanced Test Reactor indicated there was a problem with the reactor Plant Protective System.  The system has redundant channels so that the ATR remained protected. Technicians determined that a 12-volt power supply to the logic module had failed. Maintenance personnel restored the power supply and all the logic circuits were declared operable. (NE-ID—BEA-ATR-2013-0002).
Jan. 23: The Advanced Test Reactor Critical was ordered shut down by the reactor supervisor when the facility experienced an instrumentation noise spike that caused reduced power levels to the reactor. The reactor was safely shut down and appropriate notifications were made. (NE-ID—BEA-ATR-2013-0003).
Jan. 23: During a review of the lockout/tagout program at the Specific Manufacturing Capability Project, an investigation revealed that the proper lockout/tagout procedure was not followed for work being done to install fiber optic cable inside a power supply cabinet. No injuries resulted, but all work on existing lock and tags was paused pending a critique. (NE-ID—BEA-SMC-2013-0001).

Operational Summary

Wireless Test Bed Designated National User Facility: The U.S. Department of Energy recently designated Idaho National Laboratory's Wireless Test Bed as a National User Facility. Establishing the Wireless Test Bed as a National User Facility will help assert U.S. leadership in full-scale research, development, demonstration and scientific investigation of wireless communications systems. The unique capabilities at this National User Facility will enable industrial, federal and academic researchers to address national challenges in infrastructure security, communications interoperability, spectrum utilization, and the reliability of wireless technologies.


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