DOE-Idaho Operations Summary

DOE-ID Bi-Weekly Summary
For the Period April 28 to May 11, 2009

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a regular summary of operations at DOE’s Idaho Site. It has been compiled in response to a request from stakeholders for more information on health, safety and environmental incidents at DOE facilities in Idaho. It also includes a brief summary of accomplishments at the laboratory. The report is broken down by contractor: Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project (AMWTP), Idaho Cleanup Project (ICP) and Idaho National Laboratory (INL). This summary will be sent to everyone on INL’s regular news release distribution list every other week. To be added to this distribution list, please call Brad Bugger at (208) 526-0833.

Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project

May 5: Two hazardous energy-related events occurred at the Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Facility in late April. The first involved a worker disconnecting a fitting from an air line that was not supposed to be removed as part of the repair work. The second incident
Waste Shipment

Mixed low-level waste shipment heads to offsite disposal.

occurred when a disabled electrical switch was not noted in the hazard walk-down for the replacement of an air compressor oil switch. Both fact-finding meetings identified similar issues and areas for improvement in hazard walk-down activities. (EM-ID-BBWI-AMWTF-2009-0006).

Operational Summary

Waste Shipments: A shipment of mixed low-level waste left the Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Facility on May 6, years earlier than planned due to funding received from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The 36.5-cubic meter shipment will be treated and permanently disposed at a commercial disposal facility in Utah.

Idaho Cleanup Project

April 28: While erecting a crane at the Integrated Waste Treatment Unit construction site, a vendor dropped the butt section of the boom approximately three feet, damaging the four lattice pieces on the bottom of the butt section. No one was injured, work was stopped and the butt section was placed in a safe configuration. (EM-ID-CWI-IWTU-2009-0004).

May 6: During an inspection of waste containers at the Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center prior to processing, it was determined that the identification numbers on some of the containers did not match acceptable file information. Further investigation is necessary to verify identification of the contents of the waste containers. (EM-ID-CWI-ICPWM-2009-0002).

Operational Summary

Decontamination and Decommissioning: The demolition and cleanup of the Materials Test Reactor at the Advanced Test Reactor Complex is about 25 percent complete.

Remains of Materials

Remains of the Materials Test Reactor, now undergoing demolition

Idaho National Laboratory

May 5: A carpenter injured his right index finger while installing partitions in the main floor men’s room at the Advanced Test Reactor. The carpenter later underwent surgery to repair a severed tendon, and a complete investigation will be conducted once he returns to work. (NE-ID-BEA-ATR-2009-0011).

Operational Summary

Space Battery

This space battery was used to support the New Horizons mission to Pluto

Space Battery Testing Complete: The Idaho National Laboratory has completed final acceptance testing of the Multi-Mission space battery, which will be used to support the Mars Science Laboratory. Because the Mars mission has been delayed until 2011, the INL will place the space battery into storage.



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